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About Our Ceylon Cinnamon Bonbon

Did you know that there are several different kinds of cinnamon? And that the powder you sprinkle on your french toast comes from the bark of a tree found in parts of Asia? We use Ceylon Cinnamon which is considered to be the “true cinnamon” as the base of our ganache. As you can see from the photo, we use the bark to infuse our cream with cinnamon flavor. Ceylon differs in its flavor from the more typical cinnamon that is found ground. There are lovely citrus tones and a much lighter “cinnamon” flavor that melds beautifully with our single...

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Mother's Day Package Design

For Mother’s day, we knew that we wanted to work a floral theme into our bonbon selection as well as in designing the boxes.  We frequently source our paper from Paper Connection which is based in Providence, RI. The Paperwomen as we’ve come to know them fondly, are big fans of Japanese printed papers of which we use a number of them in our year round collections.  For Mother’s day, we decided on the “Laurelai” collection which is custom designed and produced by the founder and head paper lady, Lauren Pearlman.  After selecting the three different color designs, they were...

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