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Peanut Butter Spicy Paprika Cookie
Peanut Butter Spicy Paprika Cookies $ 12.50
The BFC $ 12.50
Hazelnut Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie
Hazelnut Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie $ 12.50
Lemon oatmeal cookie
Lemon Oatmeal Cookies $ 12.50
Japanese Shortbread
Japanese Shortbread From $ 8.00
Dark Chocolate Covered S'mores with roasted fresh marshmallow and homemade graham crackers
Dark Chocolate S'mores $ 12.00
Artisan dark chocolate granola with milk for breakfast
Dark Chocolate Granola $ 10.00
Japanese Shortbread Cookies: au natural, dipped chocolate, white and dark chocolate sandwich
Ode to Shortbread $ 35.95
The Cookie Monstah
The Cookie Monstah $ 49.95