Luisa Abram Rio Jurua 81%

  • Luisa Abram chocolate is made from the rarest wild-harvested cacao in the Amazon. The notes of cacao are direct, clear and pure and unlike any other chocolate you have tasted.

    This is Luisa's most popular bar at the moment. It has an intriguing floral taste. As the flavor develops in your mouth, the sweetness rises to pitanga and lychee. Intense and present flavors of caramel and berries. Don't let the 81% dissuade you from giving it a try, it is intense but well balanced with a bit of sweetness and a smooth texture. (Vegan)

    80 gram Bar

  • Wild Cocoa, Organic Sugar, Cocoa Butter.

  • Two Months

Luisa Abram Rio Jurua 81%
$ 10.50