Valrhona Les Coeurs - Chocolate Hearts

  • We have worked with Valrhona Chocolate since the very beginning and use more than 20 of their different chocolates to create our products.  

    We're delighted to offer a heart filled gift box - 3 different ganaches, the classic dark chocolate, passionfruit, and raspberry.  All of them elegantly decorated inside a dark chocolate heart shaped shell. Produced by Valrhona

    6 pieces, 2 of each flavor; clear bag with ribbon

    Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, France since 1922. From the beginning, company founder and Pastry Chef Albéric Guironnet was dedicated to the creation of unique, artisan quality chocolate with complex, balanced and consistent flavors. This mission of excellence continues as the gastronomic traditions of the renowned Rhone Valley find expression in every mouthwatering taste of Valrhona’s superb chocolate. For almost a century, Valrhona has created a range of unique and recognizable aromatic profiles by perfecting techniques for enhancing the flavor of rare cocoa beans, grown on land masterfully selected for its terroir. 

    250g - 8.82oz

  • Valrhona Dark Heart: cocoa beans, sugar, water, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, whole condensed MILK, concentrated butter, invert sugar HAZELNUTS, stabilizer: D-sorbitol, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract.

    Valrhona Raspberry Heart: sugar, cocoa beans, raspberry puree (raspberry pulp, sugar), glucose syrup, cocoa butter, water, concentrated butter, invert sugar, HAZELNUTS, stabilizer: D-sorbitol, sunflower lecithin, whole MILK powder, natural raspberry flavor, beet juice powder, natural vanilla extract.

    Valrhona Passonfruit Heart: sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, passion puree (juice, pulp, sugar), concentrated butter, glucose syrup, invert sugar, cocoa beans, stabilizer: D-sorbitol, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract, safflower concentrate, beet juice powder.

    May contain gluten, soy, eggs, nuts. 

  • Two Months

Valrhona Les Coeurs - Chocolate Hearts
$ 14.00