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Shelf Life: 2 months BB Bonbons (i.e. Chef's Choice); 3 months BB Filled Bars (i.e. Ancho) & Solid Bars (i.e. Toffee Crunch); 1 year BB Sipping Chocolate (i.e. French)

Minimums: 1 unit = a "case" = 5 packaged items per product size (i.e. 5 Coconutty Snack bags); the PRICE listed is the CASE PRICE.

Fulfillment Time: All orders are made to order, on average 7-10 days before shipping; Holiday seasons can take longer 7-14 days; Pre-orders encouraged during holiday season

Payment Terms: Net30; Credit Card kept on file; Accept Cash, check, and CC (includes 3% transaction fee).

Shipping / deliver: USPS Priority (1-3 days on avg.); Metropedal (bike delivery in Boston area, same day); Shipping / delivery charges and any warm weather packaging is included in the invoice.

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