Beyond the Bar - Demonstration Class

  • Discover the secrets of making a remarkable chocolate bonbon or truffle in EHChocolatier’s Beyond the Bar Demonstration Class. Our expert chocolatiers reveal the process behind the products in this step-by-step class where you get to sit back, relax, observe and, of course, taste.

    Get a sneak peek at how EHChocolatier crafts its confections. We’ll take you through the process from start to yummy finish by discussing how to choose a chocolate, how to put flavors together and the finishing touches that make these chocolates so special all while demonstrating making ganache, framing, cutting and dipping.

    The best part? You’ll get to taste test and sample an assortment of fresh chocolates and confections while asking any burning questions in a relaxed and fun setting.

  • Cost: $45 per person.
    Date: TBA
    Class will be confirmed when at least 5 guests have registered.
Beyond the Bar
$ 55.00