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Coconutty Bar

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  • When EHChocolatier cofounder Catharine was young (well, even younger than she is right now), she loved Almond Joys. She vowed that when she became a grown up and had her own place, she would fill her kitchen cupboards with Almond Joy bars. Skip to now and our rolling racks have been overflowing with our grown-up version of the Almond Joy, the Coconutty Bar. They're so amazing that even the most die-hard non-coconut eaters we've tested these on have become huge Coconutty Bar fans. Just saying.
  • Snack Box, 3 bars, 3.15 oz
  • Coconut, glucose, sugar, roasted almonds, invert sugar, coconut manna, egg whites, chocolate (cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, natural vanilla extract), salt. Contains: coconut, soy, eggs, almonds (contains traces of peanuts, wheat, milk)

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