Dark Single Origin Tasting Bars

  • Take a chocolate tour around the world with our new single origin solid chocolate bars. We've created a tasting sampler to compare flavors from different chocolate producing countries.   

Ghana- 68%: tasting notes - Distinguished by a subtle acidity that allows a note of round chocolate warmth to develop followed by a soft and sweet spiciness. Its character is enhanced by a delicate bitterness.
Venezuela- 72%: tasting notes - Made from rare Venezuelan cocoa beans, Araguani can be compared to great wines with high tannins and a long lasting finish on the palate. It has flavors of currants and chestnuts with hints of honey and fresh baked bread.
Mexico - 67%: Delicate floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom give way to a long finish of refined bitterness and woody flavors.
    • Three Bar Package; one bar of each, 1.7 oz per bar
    • Contains: soy(contains traces of peanuts and tree nuts)
    3 pack
    $ 16.75