Fossa Chili Peanut Praline Dark 54%

  • Fossa is Singapore's first and award winning artisanal bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker. Inspired by a new generation of chocolate makers worldwide, they are in pursuit of bringing forth the wonderful flavours of cacao, while sharing the authentic taste of Asia to the world.

    Inspired by their favourite satay sauce, they created this unapologetically bold and fiery chocolate that will leave you craving for more. Wash it down with some beer for the complete experience. Tasting notes: Roasty peanut with a spicy kick and a rustic texture. International Chocolate Awards 2019 Bronze Award winner.

    50 gram bar

  • Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, peanuts, cacao butter, sundred chilli, sea salt

  • Two Months

Fossa Chili Peanut Praline Dark 54%
$ 12.50