Hanukkah Chocolate Gelt

  • **This item will become available on 11/29/19.  Our version of gelt, the classic gold foil wrapped chocolate coins, will elevate any game of dreidel this Hanukkah season!  Each bag contains a mix of delicate and delicious unwrapped “coins” topped with edible gold: 61% dark chocolate with candied ginger, single origin 39% milk chocolate with candied orange, and dulce de leche with candied cocoa nibs and fleur de sel.  Our Hanukkah Gelt make a meaningful gift for chocolate lovers, kids and adults alike! Spin the dreidel and cross your fingers for Gimmel!

    Note: not a kosher kitchen, our gelt is NOT WRAPPED in foil.
  • Clear cellophane bag, mixed selection; Gelt for One -11-14 pieces, 2.25 oz.; 
  • Contains: soy, milk (contains traces of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat)

Gelt for One
$ 8.00