Holiday Bonbon Chocolate Collection

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    We'd like to think our Holiday Bonbon Collection brightens up the whole month of December! Our bonbon flavor selection reflects the season, and we carefully pair them with their festive toppings. Be the most popular gift giver this holiday season with this memorable holiday chocolate gift box! This special set of chocolate sweets are perfect for presents or to set out when visitors arrive.

    We’ll choose from the following flavors to fill up your bonbon box, which comes in four different sizes:

    Palet d’or - A pure dark chocolate ganache whipped into a light mousse and topped with gold

    Peppermint - A refreshing two layer filling of a peppermint “pattie” and a dark chocolate ganache

    Ceylon Cinnamon –A dark chocolate ganache with light tones of cinnamon and citrus with a touch of heat from cayenne

    London Fog - Created after the popular drink, white chocolate ganache infused with MEM earl grey tea and vanilla

    Ginger – The contrasting texture of a smooth ginger infused dark ganache and bits crystallized ginger

    Cherry – Dark chocolate blended with cherry puree,tart cherries bits and a touch of kirsch

    Sesame Praline –Candied toasted sesame seeds pureed & blended with 40% milk chocolate

    Scotch Caramel - Complex dark loose caramel with a dollop of 12 year Balvenie Scotch in a dark chocolate shell

    Varietal Milk - Andoa 39% milk chocolate from Peru with intense milky tones

    Cardamom - Aromatic green cardamom seeds infused into a dark chocolate ganache with a delicate crunch of cardamom brittle

    Buche de Noel - Our version of the classic yule log with a double layer of vanilla Creme and dark chocolate ganache

    Spiked Eggnog - Dulcey squares filled with a buttery ganache spiced with nutmeg and dark rum. This will warm your belly and put you in the holiday spirit!

    6 piece, 2 oz, silver letterpress snowflake band

    12 piece, 4 oz, Chiyogami paper wrap

    18 piece, 6 oz, Chiyogami paper wrap

    36 piece, 12 oz, Chiyogami paper wrap

  • Chocolate (cacao beans, sugar, cacao butter, cream, whole milk powder, soya lecithin, vanilla beans & extract), cream, granulated sugar, butter, purees (black currant, cherry, passion fruit, pumpkin, raspberry, strawberry), nuts (almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, pine nuts), glucose, powdered sugar, fruits (banana, cherry, orange, lemon; apple & pomegranate juice), coconut (flakes, oil, cream), spices, teas, coffee, cocoa butter, peanut butter, maple syrup, eggs, liquor (rum, cassis, bourbon, kirsch, kahlua, frangelico, crème de cocoa, framboise), creme fraiche, corn syrup, honey, cocoa powder, salt, milk powder, vanilla, ghee, vegetable shortening, tataric acid, pectin, cocoa nibs, gelatin. FDA approved color in topping design. Contains: soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts, coconut (contains traces of wheat)

  • One Month; We do not use preservatives, so it is best if eaten soon after opening.

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18 pc
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36 pc
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