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Lemon Tart Bonbons

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  • We LOVE our homemade lemon curd. And we love TARTS! So we thought we would combine the best of both worlds and voila - our lemon tart bonbon. We tarted up our lemon curd so it would balance the sweetness of the white chocolate and added the buttery crunch of our own made pate sucree (fancy for - "sweet dough" cookie)
  • 5 piece (2.0 oz) clear rectangle box with paper wrap
  • Ingredients: chocolate (cocoa butter, sugar, milk, whey, butter, soya lecithin, natural vanilla extract), lemon juice & zest, egg yolk, sugar, butter, cookie (flour, butter, brown sugar, honey, salt, baking soda) Contains: milk, soy, wheat, egg (contains traces of peanuts, tree nuts)