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Spring Bonbon Collection

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  • Just in time for Mother's Day, our Spring Day Collection is exquisitely designed and filled with a delightful selection of chocolates that’s sure to make your mom feel special. Each signature black box is wrapped in a bright floral paper wrap.

    The 2019 collection includes:
    Lavender Vanilla – A rich dark chocolate ganache infused with the gentle floral tones of lavender buds and vanilla beans
    Strawberry Balsamic - A layer of juicy strawberry pate de fruit above a milk & white chocolate ganache with aged balsamic vinegar
    Sao Tome – Our Sao Tome 67% chocolate bonbons are one of our most popular chocolates from our collection and originates from a single plantation (Vila Gracinda on the island of Sao Tome off the coast of Africa) cocoa bean; with notes of herbaceous flavors and tropical fruits.
    Rhubarb Pie - White chocolate ganache blended with fresh rhubarb compote
    Lemon Curd - We LOVE our homemade lemon curd, balancing it’s refreshing citrus tartness with the sweetness of Valrhona white chocolate shell.
    Earl Grey Caramel - MEM Teas' Blue Flower Earl Grey is one of our favorites here in the kitchen when we're whipping up London Fogs on a cold day. Infused in caramel it offers delicate citrus-floral tones that begin gently, and then becomes more prominent, but not overwhelming, with a long finish.
    Pine Nut Cinnamon - Candied pine nuts & cinnamon ground into a finely textured praline
    Milk Crème Fraiche- A silky smooth milk chocolate ganache with a subtle tangy finish
    Vanilla Crème Caramel - A carryover from our popular Vanilla Creme Caramel Rabbits :) .
    Ginger Caramel - The contrasting texture of a smooth ginger infused dark ganache and bits of melting caramel.
    Raspberry Lime Rickey - Tart and sweet, as refreshing as the drink it was inspired by.
    White Tea - A balance of creamy white vanilla ganache with hints of white darjeeling tea

  • 6 piece, 2oz 9 piece, 3oz 12 piece, 4oz 18 piece 6oz 36 piece 12oz

  • Chocolate (cacao beans, sugar, cacao butter, cream, whole milk powder, soya lecithin, vanilla beans & extract), cream, granulated sugar, butter, purees (black currant, cherry, passion fruit, pumpkin, raspberry, strawberry), nuts (almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanuts), glucose, powdered sugar, fruits (banana, cherry, orange, lemon; apple & pomegranate juice), coconut (flakes, oil, cream), spices, teas, coffee, cocoa butter, peanut butter, maple syrup, eggs, liquor (rum, cassis, bourbon, kirsch, kahlua, frangelico, crème de cocoa, framboise), creme fraiche, corn syrup, honey, cocoa powder, salt, milk powder, vanilla, ghee, vegetable shortening, tataric acid, pectin, cocoa nibs, gelatin. FDA approved color in topping design. Contains: soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts, coconut (contains traces of wheat)

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