Privateer Rum Cream Chocolates

  • We're so happy to be working with Privateer Rum to create this limited edition chocolate. The rum shines through in this dark chocolate molded version of a classic rum cream ganache.   

    The Navy Rum is fermented over a 6 day period at a perfect temperature in the mid-70s, giving richness and complexity to this spirit which is then double distilled in New American Oak barrels. The distillery is situated on a salt marsh off the ocean in Ipswich and its terroir influences the barreled rum, one may note tangy mineral notes off the briny air.    Learn more about this remarkable process of creating Privateer Navy Yard Rum.

  • 5 piece (1.5oz), clear long rectangular box;  2 month self life but best if consumed immediately as they do not contain preservatives or artificial ingredients. 
  • chocolate (sugar. cocoa butter. whole milk powder. Cocoa beans. soya lecithin. natural vanilla) sweetened condensed milk, rum, invert sugar, egg yolks, glucose, vanilla bean CONTAINS: milk, soy, eggs (contains traces of peanuts, wheat, tree nuts)

5 Piece Clear Box
$ 13.50