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SAF Gold Instant Yeast

SAF Gold Instant Yeast

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  • A professional grade yeast designed especially for doughs with a higher sugar content such as challah, anpan (japanese red bean bun), babka, brioche, cinnamon roll, pecan sticky buns (sweet breads).  

    Sweet bread dough is known for taking a long time to rise.  The sugar attracts and absorbs water which means the yeast doesn't get as much water and is unable to grow as quickly.  This yeast is able to grow with less water (hurray!) so does well in sweeter bread dough. 

    No need to proof, and can be added directly to the flour.  Store in and airtight container in the freezer for up to 12 months or longer.  Does not need to be thawed before use.  

  • 16 oz bag.  Note: not in envelopes