Spirits Collection

  • Our Spirits Collection is inspired by Elaine and Catharine's dads who always enjoyed a glass of something on the rocks.

    • Knob Creek Bourbon Caramel - Aged nine years, this Kentucky whiskey offers rich wood, vanilla, maple sugar, almond and caramel notes. As the finish to our buttery soft caramel, it is a perfect match.
    • Privateer Navy Yard Rum Cream - The Navy Rum is fermented over a 6 day period at a perfect temperature in the mid-70s, giving richness and complexity to this spirit which is then double distilled in New American Oak barrels. The distillery is situated on a salt marsh off the ocean in Ipswich and its terroir influences the barreled rum. The dark rum holds up well in this classic rum cream ganache.
    • Jameson Whisky - a smooth milk chocolate ganache balanced the mild spicy and nutty tones of Jameson Irish Whiskey.
    • Knob Creek Bourbon Smoked Maple –  A Kentucky whiskey with maple notes, mild smoked hickory, vanilla and caramel tones and a smooth finish.  Think maple bacon...
    • Balvenie Double Wood Scotch - A 12 year old single malt Scottish whisky matured in two different wood casks with notes of nuts, sweetness, delicate sherry, and mild cinnamon with a long warm finish.
    • Damnation Alley Mistletoe Whiskey – Created by a favorite small local distillery that has since closed, this whiskey was created with 100% Massachusetts grown ingredients and infused with rosemary and cranberries.


  • Box sizes: 8 piece (2.6 oz), 20 piece (6.5 oz), 24 piece (8 oz)


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