Whiskey Fire Pecans

Favorite Staff Snack!

Noke's Granola's Sweet and spicy, roasted candied Georgia pecans, made in small batches with the finest bourbon crafted in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Perfect for watching the big game or sharing with friends and family. 

Weight: .63 lbs

Imgredients:  Roasted Pecans, Egg Whites, Hoff's Pepper Sauce, Cayenne, Garlic Powder, Brown Sugar, Granulated Sugar, Maple Syrup, Chattanooga Whiskey

Noke's Granola Brand Story

In 2010, my brother Ryan and I wanted to offer a healthy alternative to the sugar heavy desserts we offered out of our "office lunch" catering business. So Chef Ryan (aka Nokes) developed what is now known as our Ryan's Blend Granola, a delicious mix of gluten-free oats, nuts, cranberries and local honey which we served with yogurt and cut fruits. It became such a hit that we would sell cups of it straight out of the kitchen back door! When tragedy struck in 2012 I lost Chef Noke's suddenly and grief stickend, I closed the business. Two years later I opened Noke's Granola in my brother's name and honor him to this day selling his Ryan's Blend to happy customers everywhere, as well as, other delicious granola flavors and mixed snacks.

Whiskey Fire Pecans
$ 18.50