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Whiskey & Whisky Chocolate Collection

Whiskey & Whisky Collection

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Whisky vs. Whiskey?  It all depends on where it's crafted :) .

For several days, we set about tasting & testing our way through multiple renditions of these bonbons and decided on these three.  It wasn't easy :) .  Let's just say we were absolutely giddy by lunch time. The chocolates will include a side of candied walnuts that we made specifically to pair with these chocolates.

To really make this a special gift, our good friend, Julia Hallman, cheese and chocolate extraordinaire at Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge recommended several different cheeses: well aged gouda (Boerenkaas Grand Cru / Belgium), a farmhouse cheddar (Cabot Clothbound Cheddar / Vermont), or a creamy blue (Stilton / UK)   

  • Knob Creek Bourbon Smoked Maple  –  A Kentucky whiskey with maple notes, mild smoked hickory, vanilla and caramel tones and a smooth finish.  Think maple bacon...
  • Balvenie DoubleWood Scotch - A 12 year old single malt scottish whisky matured in two different wood casks with notes of nuts, sweetness, delicate sherry, and mild cinnamon with a long warm finish.
  • Damnation Alley Whiskey –  This small distillery is a favorite of ours.  It's located locally and uses 100% Massachusetts grown ingredients.  They have seven different recipes for the bourbon alone based on Mainstone Farm corn and barley from Valley Malt. This particular batch of whiskey has notes of tobacco & pepper.
6 piece, 2 oz 
9 piece, 3oz
12 piece, 4oz
18 piece, 6oz
36 piece, 12oz            
Candied Walnuts included.