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70% Dark Chocolate Fondue in Ceramic reusable jar
70% Dark Chocolate Fondue Out of Stock
Advent Calendars - Limited edition
Advent Calendars - Limited edition Out of Stock
Three Teas Box + Fossa Oolong and Jasmine Chocolate Bars
Afternoon Tea Out of Stock
Ancho Chile Bar
Ancho Bar $ 12.00
apple cider and honey caramel chocolates, rosh hashanah
Apple Cider and Honey Caramel Chocolates Out of Stock
Apple Cider Caramels
Apple Cider Caramels Out of Stock
Monthly Artisan Chocolate Club
Artisan Chocolate Club Out of Stock
Craft Beer Caramel, Candied Peanuts, Dark Chocolate
Ballpark Chocolates Out of Stock
Be My Valentine Gift Box
Be My Valentine Gift Box Out of Stock
Bee Mine Organic Oaxacan Hone Caramel Hearts
Bee Mine Hearts Out of Stock
Black Box Deluxe Chocolate Gift
Black Box Deluxe $ 105.00
Blood Orange Dipped in Chocolate
Blood Orange & Chocolate Out of Stock
Blood Orange Almond Caramel
Blood Orange with Almond Chew Out of Stock
Boston Icon Chocolate Box
Boston Icon Box $ 36.00
Bourbon Caramel Bonbons
Bourbon Caramel Chocolates $ 16.50
Brown Butter Toffee Almond
Brown Butter Toffee Almond From $ 16.00
Bunny pops
Bunny Pops! Out of Stock
Calamansi Macaron - Like Key Lime Curd
Calamansi Macarons Out of Stock
Calamansi Pate de fruit
Calamansi Pate de fruit Out of Stock
Calavera (Skull) 85% Dark Chocolates
Calavera (Skull) 85% Dark Chocolates Out of Stock
Cambridge Icon Gift Box, organic dark chocolate (Peru) tiles decorated with images of Harvard Square, Longfellow House, The Great Dome of MIT, and the Charles river
Cambridge Icon Box $ 36.00
Candied Cacao Nibs
Candied Cocoa Nibs Out of Stock
Candied Walnuts
Candied Walnuts Out of Stock
Caramel Trio Chocolate Box
Caramel Trio Box From $ 16.50
Caramelized Peanut Butter Filling
Caramelized Peanut Butter Cups $ 14.50
Caramelized White Bar Snack Box
Caramelized White Chocolate Bar $ 10.00
Chef's Choice Chocolate Box
Chef's Choice Box From $ 16.50
Marshmallow Chicks inside Chocolate Easter Eggs
Chicks & Eggs Out of Stock
Chinese New Year Yuzu Chocolate Bonbon with red and gold decor
Chinese New Year Yuzu Chocolates Out of Stock
Chocolate Chew Bar
Chocolate Chew $ 12.00
Colorful Easter Chocolate Eggs with Nuts
Chocolate Easter Eggs & Nuts (Shakers!) Out of Stock
Chocolate Matzah Almond Toffee
Chocolate Matzah Almond Toffee Out of Stock
Dark Chocolate Dipped and dried Organic Orange Slices
Chocolate Orange Out of Stock
Chocolates for a Sweet Year Out of Stock
Classic Chocolate Rabbit
Classic Chocolate Rabbit Out of Stock
Coconut Almond Chocolate Macaroon Passover
Coconut Almond Chocolate "Macaroon" Out of Stock
Coconutty Chocolate Bar
Coconutty Bar $ 12.00
White chocolate domes painted with orange filled with creamsicle ganache
Creamsicle Truffles Out of Stock
Create your own class!
Create a Class! Out of Stock
Crispy Milk Snack Box
Crispy Milk Bar $ 10.00
Dark Chocolate bourbon caramel maple roasted pecan cluster (turtle)  in layers
Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters From $ 18.00
Dark Chocolate Caramels
Dark Chocolate Caramels Out of Stock
Artisan dark chocolate granola with milk for breakfast
Dark Chocolate Granola Out of Stock
Dark Chocolate Candied Hazelnut Bark
Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bark From $ 15.75
Dark Chocolate Honey French Macaron
Dark Chocolate Honey Macarons Out of Stock
Vegan Luxury Gift Box contains:  Dark Chocolate hazelnut bark, dark chocolate tasting bars, Meltaways, Tart Cherry bites, Maple Pecan bites.
Dark Chocolate Luxury Gift Box (VEGAN) $ 90.00
Matzoh Bark Passover
Dark Chocolate Matzah Bark Out of Stock
Dark Chocolate Mint Meltaways (vegan / gluten free/ dairy free)
Dark Chocolate Mint Meltaways Out of Stock
Dark Chocolate Covered S'mores with roasted fresh marshmallow and homemade graham crackers
Dark Chocolate S'mores Out of Stock
Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars
Dark Single Origin Tasting Bars $ 16.75