Freshness, Storage & Serving

How long will the chocolate last?

All of our chocolates are made with the freshest natural ingredients, without added preservatives. If you plan to eat them slowly, here are some guidelines:

· Bonbons, truffles, Wise Guys, and Hazelnut Crunch Cups will typically be at their height of flavor for 4 weeks if kept in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark area.

· Rochers, pecan clusters, twisted caramels, toffee, and confection bars (i.e. ancho bar, peanut butter crunch bar, chocolate chew) will last for 3 months under similar conditions.

· Bark, solid chocolate bars (i.e. caramelized white chocolate bar), and sipping chocolate will last for 6 months under similar conditions.

How do I store and serve my chocolates at home?

To maintain the quality of the chocolates, storage should be in a cool and dry location, avoiding direct sunlight. It is our recommendation that the chocolates are not stored in the refrigerator or the freezer. The moisture, temperature, and odors in the refrigerator will adversely affect their flavor and textures. When serving, they are best appreciated at a reasonable room temperature - 68-74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ingredients & Allergens

Do you make anything that is sugar free?

We do not make any sugar free products at this time.

Do you have anything that is dairy-free?

Our Dark Chocolate Candied Hazelnut Bark contains no dairy.

Do you have anything that is nut free?

Although a number of our products do not contain pieces of peanuts or tree nuts, all of our products are made on the same equipment and contain traces of peanuts or tree nuts.

Do you have anything that is gluten free?

While most of our products do not contain wheat, all of our products are made on the same equipment and contain traces of wheat. The products that contain wheat directly are Rochers, Peanut Butter Crunch Bars and Ancho Bars.

Which chocolate manufacturers do you use in your products?

We use french chocolate makers Michel Cluizel and Valrhona.

Do you use Fair Trade Chocolate?

Our chocolate makers are not considered “Fair Trade Certified”; however, they work closely with the cacao plantations and support sustainability and the well being of cocoa workers and their families.

Are your products organic?

Our products are not Certified Organic. We do use organic ingredients when possible in our products.

Are your products kosher?

Not at this time.

What brand of tea do you use?

Rishi Teas.

Where do you find your spices?

Penzey's and Christina's Spices

Retail / Wholesale

Do you have a retail store?

YES!!!!  Our delightful chocolate boutique opened on February 1, 2019.  We are at 145 Huron Avenue, Cambridge, MA.  

Where can I find your chocolates?

We encourage you to order online. We ship anywhere in the continental US, and you can pick-up at our kitchen in Somerville.

In a pinch you can find a selection of our chocolates at the following retail shops:

  • Formaggio Kitchen, Cambridge/South End, MA
  • Salt & Olive, Cambridge, MA
  • Bacco's Wine and Cheese, Back Bay, MA
  • Central Bottle Wine & Provisions, Cambridge, MA
  • Wasik's, Wellesley, MA
  • Brix Wine Shop, South End / Financial District / Nantucket
  • Fellisimo, Japan
  • Encore Hotel, The Drugstore, Everett, MA
  • Four Seasons Hotel & Residences, One Dalton, Boston, MA
  • Archer Hotel, Burlington, MA
  • The Row, Somerville, MA
  • The Wine House, Holliston, MA
  • Stock PVD, Providence, RI

    It’s worth calling the store in advance as each of these stores carry just a few of our products at one time.

Do you wholesale?

We are pleased to offer handcrafted bonbons and confections to restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and gourmet stores nationwide. Please email us at info@ehchocolatier.com for more information.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We accept cash and check at events and markets as well.

What is your Return Policy?

Our goal is to completely satisfy all customers. We stand behind everything we make and guarantee that our chocolates leave our facility in peak condition. Due to the perishable nature of our product, we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges for items that are not damaged or defective. If, for some reason, you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact us immediately.

Once the package has left our hands, we cannot assume responsibility for the following:

  • Delays caused by the shipping company
  • Damage or theft of packages after the package has been delivered to the specified address
  • Returned or delayed packages due to an incorrect or undeliverable shipping address
  • Packages left unattended outside in warm weather.


How is your business “sustainable”?

We work towards incorporating “sustainable” practices in our business in the following manner: Use of recyclable, re-usable, and bio-degradable/ compostable products whenever possible. This includes our packing peanuts (corn based), cellophane bags, and certain warm weather packaging.

  • The chocolate we use is sourced from chocolate makers who maintain sustainable practices.
  • Our dairy products are locally sourced.
  • Delivery to local locations whenever possible through Metropedal, our pedal power neighbors up the street in Union Square.
  • Non-dairy, non-chocolate ingredients are sourced from local small family run businesses when possible.

Did you find your answer to your question?

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