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Chinese New Year Yuzu Chocolate Bonbon with red and gold decor
Chinese New Year Yuzu Chocolates $ 15.50
Valentine's Day Bonbon chocolates with beautiful japanese paper wrap
Lush Valentine's Bonbon Collection From $ 16.50
Salted Caramel Heart Dark Chocolate
Salted Caramel Hearts $ 15.50
Strawberry Chocolate Roses
Strawberry Roses $ 19.50
PB & J filled Dark Chocolate red and white monet style painted Heart - housemade Strawberry jelly and peanut butter milk chocolate ganache
PB&J Dark Chocolate Hearts From $ 5.50
Strawberry Meltaway
Strawberry Meltaways (vegan) $ 16.50
Display Case Bonbon Chocolates
Your Choice Chocolate Box From $ 16.50
Chef's Choice Chocolate Box
Chef's Choice Box From $ 16.50
An assorted box of creamy smooth Meltaways - vegan holiday collection
Meltaway Collection $ 24.50
Beautiful Three Teas Bonbons
Three Teas Box From $ 16.50
Caramel Trio Chocolate Box
Caramel Trio Box From $ 16.50
Salted Caramels Chocolate Box
Salted Caramel Box From $ 16.50