Your Choice Chocolate Box

  • Your Choice boxes will become available after Valentine's Day.  If you live locally, you can come in a make your own box from what is available that day in the display case.  Thanks for your understanding!

    Not everyone can make it to our kitchen to choose their favorite chocolates from our display case (which makes us a little sad) so we decided to bring the display case to you. Pick the size of box (6, 12, 18, 36) then fill it with a selection of some of our most popular flavors.  Please note: in order to have the order delivered promptly, if a chosen flavor is not available, we will double one of the other chosen flavors.

    Black Box 6 piece, 2 oz; 12 piece, 4 oz; 18 piece, 6 oz; 36 piece, 12oz

  • Click on Bonbon Flavor Descriptions and Ingredients

  • One Month.  Best if eaten soon after opening, we do not use preservatives.