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Create a Spooky Halloween Gift Basket at EHChocolatier

Who says Halloween is just for kids? One of the best parts about growing up is picking your own Halloween candy - no need to dress up and ring doorbells! Treat yourself and your favorite chocolate-loving friends and family to a spooky gift basket of our hand-crafted, artisanal confections and bonbons. No stale candy corn here! We recommend starting with our frighteningly tasty Witch Hats! We start with buttery shortbread, top that with our hand-piped honey marshmallows, and coat the delicious hat with rich chocolate - the perfect mix of textures. Follow that up with our tart and juicy Apple Cider...

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Double, Double Toil & Trouble, Fire Burn and Chocolate Bubble.

Halloween inspires spooky creations in the EHChocolatier kitchen. Lucky for you, our crafted witch hats treat both kids and adults. The foundation for these magical treats is a buttery shortbread style cookie. The wicked point is homemade marshmallow, and we dip it all in dark chocolate. We knew from the beginning that the marshmallow recipe had to be perfect. It needed to keep form, stay fresh, and taste delicious. We worked with about 7 different versions before settling on the final recipe. It kept the perfect moisture, especially once sealed in chocolate. Piping the marshmallow is a true test of patience and persistence. First, we whip the...

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