Double, Double Toil & Trouble, Fire Burn and Chocolate Bubble.

Halloween inspires spooky creations in the EHChocolatier kitchen. Lucky for you, our crafted witch hats treat both kids and adults. The foundation for these magical treats is a buttery shortbread style cookie. The wicked point is homemade marshmallow, and we dip it all in dark chocolate.

dark chocolate witch hats

We knew from the beginning that the marshmallow recipe had to be perfect. It needed to keep form, stay fresh, and taste delicious. We worked with about 7 different versions before settling on the final recipe. It kept the perfect moisture, especially once sealed in chocolate.

Piping the marshmallow is a true test of patience and persistence. First, we whip the marshmallow to just the right stiffness and load it in to a pastry bag. Then, we have to have the perfect rhythm of piping and pulling up to create a cone shape. (Not to confuse with a Hershey’s kiss, column, ball, or beehive!) Finally, we have to stop at just the right time to pull off the end so that it’s the correct height and stands straight. No one wants a witch hat with a sagging point. We have about a 40-70% success rate (piper dependent) on getting the right shape, size and height.

Homemade Marshmallow Pipes

At first we thought we would pipe the marshmallow on the cookies, but it didn't work as planned (surprise!). Instead, we pipe on a sheet tray, dip the bottoms into tempered chocolate, and stick them on to the cookie.  Et Voile.

Homemade Marshmallow on Shortbread Cookie

Then to the last part, which is also the most fun- hand dipping each one. 

Witch Hat Dipped in Dark Chocolate

So how do you eat this delicious treat? Elaine is a deconstructionist. She takes the marshmallow point off the cookie and eats it- just like an Oreo. If the separation is not graceful, she has another plan. She bites off the top, trims around the rim, and enjoys what she calls the heart. (That's the small bit of cookie and marshmallow remaining.) She admits she doesn’t eat a lot of them because each one takes her about 10 minutes to enjoy.

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