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9 Valentine's Day Bonbons Flavors For You and Your Sweetheart

Treat yourself, your mom, your partner, your friends - pretty much anyone but your dog - this Valentine’s Day to the perfect, luxurious treat!  Our Lush Bonbon Collection is filled with favorites in the shop and we are so excited to share them with you! Each box includes one of our beautiful heart-shaped Raspberry bonbons.  Each one is brushed with red cocoa butter, so they shimmer like rubies!  Filled with a smooth, rich dark chocolate ganache that has been flavored with raspberry puree and Framboise, these little gems are the perfect start to our gorgeous boxes. Next we add our...

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Get a Taste of the Holidays with EHChocolatier!

Our Holiday Bonbon Collection is the perfect thing to get you in the holiday spirit!  We are featuring special seasonal flavors that are both pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.  Perfect for your holiday table, as a gift, or just as a treat after a chilly day out, our beautiful holiday collection is just the thing!  With nine special, delectable bonbon flavors, you can’t miss: Starting with our lovely, fragrant Ceylon Cinnamon - this dark truffle has just a hint of spice balanced with the perfect amount of sweet.  Every time we make it, the shop smells amazing! ...

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