9 Valentine's Day Bonbons Flavors For You and Your Sweetheart

Treat yourself, your mom, your partner, your friends - pretty much anyone but your dog - this Valentine’s Day to the perfect, luxurious treat!  Our Lush Bonbon Collection is filled with favorites in the shop and we are so excited to share them with you!

Raspberry Heart Bonbons for Valentine's DayEach box includes one of our beautiful heart-shaped Raspberry bonbons.  Each one is brushed with red cocoa butter, so they shimmer like rubies!  Filled with a smooth, rich dark chocolate ganache that has been flavored with raspberry puree and Framboise, these little gems are the perfect start to our gorgeous boxes.

Next we add our Lime Toasted Coconut bonbon.  We use a square mold for this one, coating each square with rich dark chocolate, before filling it with a smooth, lightly sweetened white chocolate ganache that has been flavored with lime and coconut.  The coconut gives this bonbon a delectable texture, making it so much fun to eat!

Our Star Anise/Pink Peppercorn bonbon is one of our favorites to make.  Using a mortar and pestle, the star anise and pink peppercorns are gently crushed, so we can get the perfect amount of flavor into each ganache - and an amazing smell in our kitchen!  The spices are then infused in heavy cream with some sugar, before being poured over dark chocolate and smoothed into a gorgeous ganache.  A perfect treat for anyone who loves a hint of spice (without the heat) and a lot of peppery flavor.

Hot Chocolate bonbon for Valentine's Day

Our Hot Chocolate bonbon rounds out this lovely collection.  Sprinkled with gorgeous, sparkly sanding sugar on top, these dark chocolate bonbons are filled with the lightest, fluffiest marshmallow and a hint of creme de cacao.  You’ll think you are eating a cloud!  I dream of dropping one into our French Sipping Chocolate one of these days!  

If you want a little heat with your chocolate, you must try our Lemongrass Thai Chili!  We steep three stalks of lemongrass and a lot of spicy hot pepper in heavy cream and sugar to get the perfect amount of heat.  It takes a long time to get it just right - usually about an hour and a half total!  We don’t mind.  It makes the shop smell unbelievable and we think you deserve it.  We then strain out the pepper and lemongrass and pour the heated mixture over our luscious dark chocolate.  Tons of beautiful flavor and spice!  We top each bonbon with a touch of cayenne to perfect it.

Burnt Caramel is a lot of fun to make - but not as much fun as it is to eat!  We make one of our delectable caramels - just water and sugar - and let it go on the heat until it turns black, giving the caramel a great smoky flavor, before stirring in a hint of bourbon and smooth dark chocolate.  Buttery, smoky, and sweet - this bonbon has it all!

Our Milk Creme Fraiche is a lovely addition to this Valentine’s Day box.  We make a traditional milk chocolate ganache and stir in creme fraiche at the end to brighten it up.  It is silky smooth and sweet, with a hint of tanginess.  So utterly delicious!  

Our Pine Nut Cinnamon is also made with milk chocolate!  I love Pine Nut Cinnamon day - the shop smells so good!  We slowly caramelize pine nuts with just sugar, a little water, salt, and lots of cinnamon.  You can smell the nuttiness and spice all the way down the hall!  After the mixture has cooled, we grind it up into a smooth, luxurious praline and pipe it into our beautiful oval mold and top each bonbon with a lovely, red flower pattern made from cocoa butter.  It is a beautiful treat you can eat in one bite - although you will definitely want to make it last!

Last, but certainly not least, we always include our Sao Tome bonbon, because we want you to get a taste of perfection.  Made with 67% cocoa beans from the Sao Tome Plantation, this bonbon is filled with rich dark chocolate flavor and hints of coffee and brown sugar.  The perfect ending to a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner!

Chocolate Bonbons for Valentine's Day Artisan

We offer these boxes in 6, 9, 12, 18, and (our personal favorite) 36 piece boxes.  Each one is wrapped in our sparkly Valentine’s Day band or beautiful rice paper, making the box as gorgeous as the bonbons.  These are the perfect way to win points with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day or treat yourself this winter.  The perfect mix of flavors - you can’t go wrong!

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