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Bring On the Nostalgia!

We have fond memories of our first bites of chocolate– whether it was sneaking an Almond Joy from the kitchen cabinet or unwrapping the foil of a hallow chocolate rabbit. There was anticipation, expectation, and of course satisfaction. Now that we have our hand in chocolate most days, we thought it was only appropriate to recreate our unique versions of our favorite chocolates and confections. This means you can find us sneaking a few extra bites here and there because the flavors never get old. A photo posted by EHChocolatier (@ehchocolatier) on May 18, 2016 at 2:59pm PDT A take...

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Making Our Refreshingly Sweet Peppermint Bark

This holiday classic is a favorite in the shop. It’s smooth and minty with a bit of a crunch, the perfect holiday treat. During the holiday season, we usually make our bark once or twice a week - and it is all hands on deck! A lot of work goes into it and we have to work very fast, or our bark won’t be as pretty on your table. We have a race against the clock!First we have to sift our bits of peppermint candy. We get off all the sparkly dust and break up any large chunks, so the...

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EHChocolatier's Chocolate Club: Here's how it began.

The Chocolate Club was the very first product of EHChocolatier when we started in 2009. It was our first foray into turning a hobby into an actual business. We had known each other for 10 years, had cooked together, made holiday treats, and had become good friends. To test the waters, we created the Chocolate Club. It was a 9-month process to see whether people actually liked what we made, learn what value they placed on it, whether we would still like what we did after doing it for 9 months, and most importantly, to see whether we could remain good friends....

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