EHChocolatier Wins Top Honor in “Best Chocolatiers and Confectioners in America” Awards

Best Chocolatier & Confectioners in AmericaIn the 2018 “Best Chocolatier & Confectioners in America” Awards presented by the International Chocolate Salon, EHChocolatier was awarded the highest honor: ‘Six Star Award: Grand Master.’ Winners are chosen based on the combined total number of Gold and Silver Awards received by each entrant in the previous year's Chocolate Salon Award Competitions. EHChocolatier’s 2017 Gold and Silver award-winning chocolates and confections include:

Brown Butter Toffee: Gold for 'Best Taste', ‘Best Ingredient Combination’, and 'Best Texture' in the 2017 Toffee Awards Competition

Lavender, Vanilla and Los Ancones: 4 Stars in the 2017 Bridal Chocolate Awards

Lemon Tart: Gold for ‘Best Taste’, ‘Most Unique’ and Silver for ‘Best Texture’, ‘Best Ingredient Combination’ in the 2017 White Chocolate Awards Competition

    The International Chocolate Salon is one of the premier international bodies celebrating and honoring artisan and premium chocolates and confections.
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