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Craft Beer & Chocolate Unite!

As many of you in the Boston area may already know, one of our earliest craft beer companies, Pretty Things, has bid adieu. We were sad to see them go. Not only did we lose their delicious Jack D'or in our Beernut Bar, but more importantly, we lost a company that we felt played a big part in the early growth of Boston's local artisan "food" movement. Enjoy and cheers to the adventure that lies ahead for the Pretty Things folks. We’ll miss you! ? We wanted to continue celebrating the amazing craft beer scene in New England by retooling our...

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A Twist on a Classic: PB&J Bonbons

We never imagined creating a "Peanut Butter & Jelly" bonbon flavor. But, the stars aligned and these enjoyable bonbons were just featured in Boston Magazine!  When choosing ingredients, we knew we wanted a classic, old fashioned peanut butter flavor. We tested brands including fresh ground, organic, and classic peanut butter brands (natural versions). Classic won, hands down. We like to put our little twists on traditional ideas. So, we decided on a jelly flavor that was on the more unusual side and to forgo a fruit-based jelly. We went with hibiscus flowers to create our pate de fruit which pairs well with the peanut butter. We...

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About Our Ceylon Cinnamon Bonbon

Did you know that there are several different kinds of cinnamon? And that the powder you sprinkle on your french toast comes from the bark of a tree found in parts of Asia? We use Ceylon Cinnamon which is considered to be the “true cinnamon” as the base of our ganache. As you can see from the photo, we use the bark to infuse our cream with cinnamon flavor. Ceylon differs in its flavor from the more typical cinnamon that is found ground. There are lovely citrus tones and a much lighter “cinnamon” flavor that melds beautifully with our single...

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