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Bunny Pops for Easter

Our Bunny Pops are the perfect treat this Easter season.  Both cute and delicious, they help you remember what it was like hoping the Easter Bunny had visited.  We make them in three delectable flavors - 70% dark chocolate, 45% milk chocolate, and caramelized white chocolate.  Each one is more delicious than the last! You'd think since the only ingredients are pure chocolate that this would be one of the easiest jobs in our kitchen, but to make them perfect, you need a light and careful hand. Each mold has to be gently heated and cleaned to remove any traces of...

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Dark Chocolate Easter Honey Bunnies

Chocolate rabbits fill the memories of our team at Easter. As a child, Elaine's parents would treat her to a HUGE milk chocolate rabbit each year. She would spend hours discussing with her brother where to start – the feet? The ears? The eyes? She vividly remembers the one year she unwrapped the purple foiled rabbit to discover it was white. Oh, the tragedy! (Although nowadays, she admits she would gladly embrace a Valrhona white rabbit should it show up at her house.) Early on in our Easter research, we explored different shapes and molds that would help us create...

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