Dark Chocolate Easter Honey Bunnies

Chocolate rabbits fill the memories of our team at Easter. As a child, Elaine's parents would treat her to a HUGE milk chocolate rabbit each year. She would spend hours discussing with her brother where to start – the feet? The ears? The eyes? She vividly remembers the one year she unwrapped the purple foiled rabbit to discover it was white. Oh, the tragedy! (Although nowadays, she admits she would gladly embrace a Valrhona white rabbit should it show up at her house.)

Easter Honey BunniesEarly on in our Easter research, we explored different shapes and molds that would help us create a fun Easter celebration. We fell in love with a unique, adorable little bunny mold and in the process of brainstorming the filling for it, Elaine's 8 year old son, Jack, had an inspiration. Fill them with a soft buttery honey caramel and call them “Honey Bunnies”. Worked for us ?.

Fresh ingredients allow us to create wonderful and complex flavors and luckily, we live in an area that has so many choices for quality local honey. Our friends at Formaggio Kitchen helped us out with a little honey tutorial and after considering the flavor profile we had in mind, we decided on Carlisle Honey’s Spring Blossom to pair with our choice of Valrhona.

Each Honey Bunny is handmade, which is not an easy task. The bunny molds we love so dearly require extra attention to clean and prepare. Normally, we clean our molds with cotton balls, but these little guys make it an especially big challenge as they have a few tiny areas that are difficult to reach. Cotton swabs to the rescue!

Perfectly sized for bright plastic eggs, Honey Bunnies love to be the prize at the end of an Easter egg hunt, or set up on the Easter dinner table. Each year, Jack makes sure our Honey Bunnies arrive in time for Easter, so hop to it!

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