Bring On the Nostalgia!

We have fond memories of our first bites of chocolate– whether it was sneaking an Almond Joy from the kitchen cabinet or unwrapping the foil of a hallow chocolate rabbit. There was anticipation, expectation, and of course satisfaction. Now that we have our hand in chocolate most days, we thought it was only appropriate to recreate our unique versions of our favorite chocolates and confections. This means you can find us sneaking a few extra bites here and there because the flavors never get old.

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A take on a Peanut Butter cup,  we wanted the richness and caramel tones of our Hawaiian milk chocolate while balancing the overall sweetness so changed up the top of the cup with a small disc of 70% dark chocolate. Our Caramelized Peanut Butter Cup filling is based on roasted salted caramelized peanut butter that we leave slightly crunchy and combine it with a Valrhona milk chocolate and a touch of sea salt. 

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Just in time for the holidays, our cool and creamy Mint Meltaways are inspired by EHChocolatier cofounder Catharine's Midwest childhood memories of Frango Mints. Ours feature peppermint oil blended with dark chocolate and organic coconut oil to create this refreshing, velvety cool bite. 

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When Catharine was young (well, even younger than she is right now), she loved Almond Joys. She vowed that when she became a grown up and had her own place, she would fill her kitchen cupboards with Almond Joy bars. Skip to now and our rolling racks have been overflowing with our grown-up version of the Almond Joy, the Coconutty Bar. They're so amazing that even the most die-hard non-coconut eaters we've tested these on have become huge Coconutty Bar fans. Just saying.

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For Valentine's Day, we are bringing on the heat! Our little Red Hot Crunch Bars of Valrhona Opaly are peppered with crushed Red Hot candies, Vietnamese cinnamon and cayenne for a sweet, mildly spicy treat. These beautiful bars are elegantly packaged for a grownup take on this nostalgic confection.

The classic flavor combination in our Peanut Butter Crunch Bar shines in this peanut-buttery bar with a delicate crunch. Love Clark Bars and Butterfingers? This is the Better Crunchy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar!

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Our Classic Chocolate Rabbits come in three delectable varieties: 70% dark chocolate, Caramelia Milk (an outstanding 37% milk chocolate that is caramelized) and the White Ivoire that are sure to please any palate. Each rabbit is individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied off with a raffia ribbon and hang tag, making it easy for you to gift.

So, let us take you on a trip down memory lane through chocolate. We promise you'll enjoy the journey!

With Chocolate,
Catharine & Elaine

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