Get a Taste of the Holidays with EHChocolatier!

Our Holiday Bonbon Collection is the perfect thing to get you in the holiday spirit!  We are featuring special seasonal flavors that are both pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.  Perfect for your holiday table, as a gift, or just as a treat after a chilly day out, our beautiful holiday collection is just the thing!  With nine special, delectable bonbon flavors, you can’t miss:

Starting with our lovely, fragrant Ceylon Cinnamon - this dark truffle has just a hint of spice balanced with the perfect amount of sweet.  Every time we make it, the shop smells amazing!  We steep heavy cream with broken cinnamon sticks before blending it with the dark chocolate.

Bright Peppermint rounds out this perfect box.  Part rich dark chocolate ganache, part refreshing peppermint patty, this bonbon is covered in a beautiful white snowflake pattern and looks stunning.  Plus, the smell is fantastic!


Smooth Salted Caramel is also included, because who doesn’t want a smooth salted caramel bonbon?  A mix of rich, dark caramel and tasty white chocolate, each filling has a light accent of grey Celtic sea salt, making it the perfect balance of flavors.

Rich Hazelnut Praline is one of our regular flavors, because it is pretty much perfect!  First we candy roasted hazelnuts with powdered sugar and puree them with a tasty milk chocolate.  It tastes just like Nutella! Below is pictures of the process of candying hazelnuts.


Our light and fluffy Palet d’Or is utterly delicious.  The perfect treat after a rich dinner - Catharine and Elaine have spent ages (mostly due to Catharine’s tenacity, according to Elaine) getting this recipe just right.  This bonbon takes a lot of work, because it is hard to get the fluffy texture just right.  Each one is finished off with a gorgeous stripe of edible gold, making this bon bon both elegant and delectable.

Filled with bits of candied ginger and a fresh ginger infused dark ganache, our Ginger bonbon comes in a beautiful heart shape and is filled with amazing flavor.  Just the right amounts of smooth and spicy!   

Just the right balance of tart and sweet, our Pomegranate Oolong is a shop favorite.  Filled with a gorgeous pate de fruit of tart Pomegranate and citrusy oolong tea, this bonbon has a gorgeous pink and red cocoa butter topping to make it as striking visually, as it is on your tastebuds.


We’ve included our favorite dark chocolate ganache bonbon - Sao Tome 67%.  All of the cocoa used has been sourced from the same Vila Gracinda plantation, filled with flavor of berry sweetness and a hint of coffee and brown sugar.  Perfect for dark chocolate lovers!

The box is finished off with our (slightly) boozy Spiked Eggnog.  Made with caramelized white chocolate and filled with buttery rum and nutmeg ganache.  It tastes just like Christmas!  This bonbon takes two days to make.  We use a mold, filled it with white chocolate, and allow it to set, before filling it with the ganache.  After that it has to set overnight before we can add the bottom layer of chocolate.  After removing it from the mold, each bonbon gets a light brushing of luster dust, so it sparkles on your holiday table.

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