Mother's Day Package Design

For Mother’s day, we knew that we wanted to work a floral theme into our bonbon selection as well as in designing the boxes.  We frequently source our paper from Paper Connection which is based in Providence, RI. The Paperwomen as we’ve come to know them fondly, are big fans of Japanese printed papers of which we use a number of them in our year round collections. 

For Mother’s day, we decided on the “Laurelai” collection which is custom designed and produced by the founder and head paper lady, Lauren Pearlman. 

After selecting the three different color designs, they were shipped up to us in large sheets.  We then send the papers to be cut to our next door neighbors, Albertine Press. They’re literally across the hallway from us in our Somerville building. 

The machines they use for both cutting and letterpress are antiques, over 100 years old.  They are so solidly built, I can’t imagine anything actually breaking or falling apart on them.  Or how you would move them for that matter.

Albertine-Press-Antique Albertine-Press-Somerville

These photos show the papers being cut by a “guillotine” that was built in 1909.   The set-up takes a while to get the stacks of paper lined up properly and secured.  Then a long pole is pulled by hand across the machine to lower the long blade down on to the paper to make the cut.  After these cuts are made, the paper is then trimmed by hand to clean up the edges. 

Albertine-Press-Cutting-Paper Albertine-Press-Cutting-Paper-2

Voila – the distinct paper wrap we use for our bonbon boxes ready for use.

Cutting-Chocolate-Box-Paper EHChocolatier-Mother's-Day

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