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Anti-Oxidants Vs. Anti-Anti-Oxidants

Now that Mother's Day is almost upon us and we're wrapping up the last of our boxes to go to market on Saturday, Elaine will be focusing the next few days on creating a very special confection called the “Blister Bar” in honor of the relay team she is on – Blister Monkey- 12 members on a team running a total of 200 miles in 24 hours from Mount Wachusett to Westport, MA on May 18-19 in the Reach the Beach Relay.

Crazy, right?  

Her team Captain (Oh Captain, my Captain!), George Anderson, requested a custom confection bar that could help us power through the race. After soliciting ingredient requests from the team, it’s divided between the anti-oxidants (chia seeds, hemp seed, flax seed, cocoa nibs, honey) and the anti-anti-oxidants (bacon, bacon, bacon, scotch).

Bacon and Scotch Ingredients

We're thinking it will be a mash up between the EHChocolatier Ancho + anti-oxidants, + anti-anti-oxidants… ah, the snack bar of champions!

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