Fill Your Heart with Dark Chocolate


Working with dark chocolate to create a ganache is very similar to pairing wine with one’s dinner. Every dark chocolate has its own unique flavor profile and that makes the process of matching a chocolate to an infusion such as a spice or fruit so much more interesting and fun. Although there are a number of things that contribute to the flavor profile of each chocolate, the cocoa beans that are used play a significant role.

Chocolate can be produced from a blend of cocoa beans of different types and originating from different locations. It can also be produced from cocoa beans harvested from a single plantation, which is the case of our Dark Single Origin Chocolate Hearts that we’re offering this Valentine’s Day. We discovered this chocolate recently while investigating organic chocolates and were so delighted with its flavor that we decided to forgo any infusions as the flavor from the chocolate alone was enough to appreciate.

chocolate-ganache-small-batchThis particular 66% chocolate is produced from the Trinitario cocoa beans harvested from a single estate in Mexico and has a flavor profile with notes of dried fruits that are well balanced with roasted tones. And just like wine, the flavor can vary from harvest to harvest. The ground, weather, and other factors (considered “terroir”) can affect the flavor profile of that particular harvest.

How do we decorate our hearts? Well, each heart mold is embellished by hand with a swipe of naturally colored cocoa butter and iridescent powder. Beets and turmeric are commonly used as source of color pigment. In working with natural colors, we’ve come to realize that there can be variation in the same color even though it’s produced by the same manufacturer. We suppose that adds to the charm in how our hearts look. 


After the colored cocoa butter sets, we continue with the process of molding the shells with dark chocolate, filling with ganache and finally closing up the bottoms and unmolding. Voila! A dessert as unique and special as your sweetheart.

This bonbon is available exclusively for Valentine’s Day in a 5-piece or 9-piece box.


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