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Artisan Sipping Chocolates & Recipe

Our decadent, award-winning Sipping Chocolates are a must-have this winter!  Rich and smooth, they are the perfect treat after a chilly day out or a cozy night in. Our Sipping Chocolate is different than your typical mug of hot chocolate. The flavors are rich and made from high-quality chocolate, not powder, that is melted when mixed with hot milk. You'll want to savor and sip each drop.

Sipping Chocolates

The French Sipping Chocolate is full of classic flavors - rich, smooth, and just the right amount of sweet.  We grind up milk and dark chocolates from our neighbors, Taza Chocolate, until the blend is the perfect size to melt right into hot milk.  We stir in a little sugar, a lot of delicious Valrhona cocoa powder, and just a touch of espresso powder to deepen the chocolate flavors.  Perfect with marshmallows or a touch of whipped cream!

Our Mexican Sipping Chocolate is made the same way as our French with added spices for warmth, making this an extra special cup of cocoa.  We stir in a beautiful blend of spices, including cinnamon and ancho chili powder, plus fragrant vanilla bean - smoky, sweet, and just a little spicy!  It is sure to keep you toasty this winter.
Last, but certainly not least, is the Blondie Sipping Chocolate.  A more unusual flavor, this sipping chocolate is made by grinding up caramelized white chocolate from Valrhona - it really tastes just like caramel!  When we make this one, the shop smells amazing, with caramel sweetness and the warmth and spice of ginger and cinnamon.
Blondie Sipping Chocolate & EHchocolatier Sipping Chocolate Flavors
We really can't pick one favorite in the shop. Each one makes a beautiful and sumptuous hot chocolate. We recommend melting 2-3 tablespoons of our sipping chocolates in 6 oz of hot milk. Whip & enjoy!

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