Spiked Eggnog Bonbon Brings Back Memories

Eggnog has been a tradition in the Sweeney family forever. It is one of those comfort drinks that bring back happy holiday memories. Catharine is from the mid-west and she says it’s because of “that whole dairy thing…” It seemed only natural to add an eggnog inspired flavor to the Holiday Bonbon Collection.

Our eggnog is made right here in the kitchen. That way, we can adjust the flavors to be just how we remember them. For us, rum is a must with our eggnog; it adds another layer of depth to the whole experience. 

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We decided to mold this bonbon in Valrhona Dulcey. With its dulce de leche tones, it paired very well with the eggnog ganache without being overpowering. We felt that one of our more delicate transfer designs would compliment the size and coloring of the shell.

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We came out with this bonbon several years ago and only offered it as one of the bonbons in our Holiday Collection. When we started getting requests for boxes of the spiked eggnog only, we knew it was a hit! Now we sell the bonbons in a 5 piece (2.5 oz) box.

Not an eggnog fan? Even one of our employees who doesn’t like eggnog thinks these are delicious. Order a box today! We only offer them during the winter holidays.


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